Why am I starting this Blog?

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Hi! I’m Jusuf.

my actual name is Jasmin but you’ll find me using both online. My life is about making youtube Videos to inspire the world and struggling with school. Things we do everyday like school or work take up a majority of our lives. Beyond all of that lie Things we like, what make us happy, our Lifestyles. It’s who we are. What I’m saying is, that this Blog is about How Those things in my life can help and inspire your life to be happier, healthier and to motivate you to reach your goals. Blogging sits close to my heart because I’ve written a Blog a few years ago. Lol massive throwback.

Can I even call it a Blog? Besides me and two of my friends being the only readers, The content was pretty much me saying how my day went and weird Blog posts about Animals. Yes, I made a whole post about opossums. Writing that Page made so happy. I didn’t really care if anyone read it. It just gave me the feeling that someone cared.

Fast forward to today. I have worked my way up and have people who actually like seeing what I create! Wether that’s on youtube or on Instagram. It still blows my Mind how introverted and shy Jusuf was able to make people happy and grow from the days she just wished to have a youtube channel.

On this Blog you’ll get to know me. See my life in a different way and get Ideas, Tips and inspiration to make your life better! I’m able to share my thoughts more and include more photography than an occasional post on instagram which I’m super excited about because I love going on Photoshoot adventures.

Stay posted for many more Posts soon!


Comments 29

  1. Excited for ur blogging experience! Obsessed with your lifestyle, you always inspire me to do something. Ty ♡ and you are sooo beautiful and pretty these photos omgg loove it
    Wish once I will found the way and idea to make my own blog.
    Good luck ♡

  2. Svenja 02/02/2017

    You’re my favourite youtuber and I’m soo happy that you made this blog!❤

  3. Hi Jusuf!! ? I’m a sixteen year old girl living in Japan!! You inspire me a lot and I’m always looking forward to seeing your snapstory and Instagram ??? Thank you for liking my tweet sometimes!!! I wanna meet you someday ??

  4. Really excited for what’s to come!! I’m really happy for you, keep it up xx

  5. Rebeka 02/02/2017

    Hi Jusuf! I’m super excited about this blog ? usually i don’t read any blogs, but when i saw you started one, i felt like i have to read it. I always watch your youtube videos and i alway get inspiration from each of your videos. When i added you on snapchat, i didn’t expect that you add me back, especially that you text me back. ?? I really love you, and you give me a lot of inspiration, (as i said ?) and you make me happy on my bad days. I’m live in Hungary, i know it’s very far, but i hope we can meet one day ❤

  6. Burçin 02/02/2017

    I’m soo happy for you ^^ and also I’m super excited (っ ◔◡◔) っ❤️

  7. flavia 02/02/2017

    This is so amazing! I’m very proud of you and i’m very exited to see more of your pictures?

  8. Hi Jusuf, greeting from Indonesia! I’m super excited and can’t wait for your next post on this blog. Thankyou so much for always inspire me a lot since a long time ago (hehe). You have to know that I learn a lot from you. Stay inspiring! がんばて!!!!!! Love you, xoxo.

  9. kinsley 03/02/2017

    Jusuf, i am so incredibly happy that you have started a blog! You are my favorite youtuber and i love you so much, i just want you to know that. You are an inspiration to all and you have inspired me to start a blog too! It might be rocky at first, but just knowing that you did it means that i can do it too <3

  10. stephanie 03/02/2017

    i cannot wait for new posts! i absolutely love this design and your style. you inspire me so much! <3

  11. Hi Jusuf, you are one of the person that inspiring me and makes me happy and smile when I saw their video or photo. I have blog and I want to inspiring people and makes them happy as you . Right now, my blog is only about dıys but ı want to share my world there. I want to expand my blog’s content that include more me, more life, more inspiration, more dream, more love.. Your blog inspired me again, I remembered what ı want. I’m going to do plans for it. Thank you and love you so much ♥

  12. Sophia 03/02/2017

    So excited for new blog posts coming up! You’re my biggest inspiration???

  13. Love it. Can’t wait for the next blog post!!! Have a nice day!!

  14. really so happy for you. i’m so excited for that blog! love you ♡

  15. Dimitra 03/02/2017

    I’m so proud of you and I love ya❤You are my favourite youtuber and now you’re my favourite blogger…

  16. I am so happy that you have step up your blog game. I am that excited to see your blog post! I love your blog design. You have inspired me to be who i am and just do what i loved.

  17. Yu Narita 04/02/2017

    I” so proud of you and I’m so happy to be your fan!? I can’t explain how much I love you! I can’t wait to see your next blog!❤️❤️ これからも頑張ってね!本当にだいすきです! Love from Japanese faithincutenator Yu ゆう

  18. Cleon Laingno 07/02/2017

    I honestly just love your blog, youtube vids and instagram page so much. Its very inspiring and motivational for all girls to go out there and live the lifestyle they want. Please keep doing what you are doing. Love Cleon <3

  19. Yay! Can’t wait for the next blog. Regards from Bulgaria❤️❤️❤️❤️

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