My Lush Shop Impression

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Whenever you walk by a Lush store; the sweet mix of luscious, colorful shapes catch your attention. It’s not just that. Everyone of those have a purpose. I got to explore and learn about pretty much the entire shop, focusing on the Vegan products.

Let’s hop into my experience and the little things that I’ve learned.


The staff was so kind! Monika literally made it feel like we were friends strolling around the shop trying out whatever I wanted to know about. There’s a lot more meaning to these odd shaped and sleek bottled products.

Solid! The most environmentally friendly packaging is none at all! It makes so much sense but it takes a little reminder and Lush to bring awareness. Soaps, shampoo, body butters, scrubs and more in solid form without a bottle, easy use and little negative impact. And who doesn’t get curious over all these interesting, good smelling bars? Why not try it in the future?


DID YOU KNOW? Lush DOES NOT advertise and fully relies on word of mouth. It just shows how this brand clearly stands out in this crowded beauty industry doing it the right way.

-Beautiful display of palm oil – free soaps          -After my personal hair consulting I got a little arrangement (personal fave is: Sea Vegetable      of awesome products that would be great for my  and it smells like the ocean!                                hair and I’m definitely planning on getting them                                                                                       soon!



My favorite part about beauty, is skin care. For me it’s important to be aware of what is in my products, especially if I put it on my face. I got a new fresh face mask called rosy cheeks and I’m in love.


So the next time you plan on enhancing ,expanding or exploring your cosmetic collection, perhaps you might want to be open to some knowledge and trying out in the things your interested in?

Here are some fun shots exploring the shop!




Comments 2

  1. I was never so sure about what kind of products Lush did but after looking at your photographs and reading this blogpost I shall definitely be having a look in store! Thank you for writing such a detailed post about their product!xx

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