My life outside of YouTube

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Who is Jasmin outside of Youtube?

Social Media truly takes over a huge part of my life. If you look at it from the outside you could say, I sacrifice a lot of time, time with family, friends, time for school. But for me, this is not a world I’m lost in. For me, this is my outlet, my canvas to create and build up my own world in the world wide network of other creative minds. Where I can share my Journey and put my  experiences and hurts into lessons and knowledge that will help you.

I want to inspire you to live a full life.

My life is on Youtube. My life is on Instagram. Whatever I do or plan I think about how I can share it with you. During long study nights I a lot of times and question why I waste my time with studying material that truly does not spark joy within me. To be honest I’m losing my trust in School more and more. I sit in class and feel so lost because I learn barely anything scalable nor things I feel connected to and that could help my Journey in the future. At the same time something is telling me to just fight through it and take my class on business seriously and hustle every free minute I have after School and on Weekends. This is just my closed off perspective on this conflict in my life.

BALANCE. I am working daily on my personal growth and how I spend my time on School, work and time for family and friends. I love Veganism, simplifying my life and working on Productivity to move forward with everything I do. My drive to just go and travel, do unplanned adventures makes me excited about the future everyday.

This is my Journey. I’m sharing it with everyone listening and I’m unbelievably grateful I get to do that and bring you value in that way.

Let’s go.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. xo Jusuf

Comments 8

  1. Woo beautyfull words thanks for inspirering me everyday ✨?
    (My engish is notulen very good)


  2. I am seriously trying to controll the amount of time that I spend on social media but I guess that it is true that this way we small artists are able to express ourselfes and if that is 24/7 then so be it.

  3. I love this! I have anxiety which “causes” stomach pain it takes up half my life to a point everywhere i go i have a “im gonna get a stomach ache” replaying in the back of my mind. I cant sleepover at my friends I cant even do something simple; adventuring the New Zealand nature. I love your YouTube channel, your blogs, Honestly just hands down my inspiration, you’re relationship with Fiona and your sister, you’re adventures look so nice. I really don’t know why I wrote that and what the point was but I just wanted to say it so I randomly just said it.

  4. kinsley 13/02/2017

    truly inspiring. i think we all struggle with social media taking over our lives in this day and age. but its our generation, so i dont think eliminating it is the answer. i just think we all need to find a healthy balance between social media and doing things we love or that are purposeful. i personally love to take time out of my day for my bullet journal and just write and plan, for it calms me down a lot. i also love writing stories and making food. i guess what im trying t say is that all of us should take time away from social media, but not permanently. i like to “internet detox” for about a week to two weeks at a time because i find that is what works best for me. but my thing might not be your thing, so we need to try things out to discover what works best for us. sorry for my rambling. p.s. i love you so much you are currently my favprite person on the planet ((:
    -Kinsley from WA

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