Bullet Journal: Setting up the Month

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I just set up my BUJO for the Month of February. These are my minimal and efficient Pages, that help me organise my Month and Keep me in the right mindset.


  • Monthly Spread with simple Tracker
  • Gratitude Log on 1 Page
  • Social Media Plan for Videos & Posts
  • Weekly Spread Layout

With These simple Layouts I can track my main focuses, stay on top of my Goals and get directions of what steps I need to take to move towards crossing those out.


I use 2 Pages for the Monthly Setup and used the original Layout from Rydell Carrol, with listing the Days down the page. I implemented 5 Habits/Actions I want to Focus on most on. This works so well for me, since many tries of mine have failed to track 10 different Habits. On this double spread I love using the left side to set my mindset and goals for this Month.

Be creative! Add to your pages, especially on those where you set important goals anything that makes you enjoy looking at them. Add your personal touch with doodles, stickers and photos.         I’ll make a post soon about how to decorate your BUJO too so stay posted!

My Gratitude Log is inspired by Bohoberry, check out her Post talking about that.


If you are producing Content or have School projects, set Business deadlines to organise & keep track of, this little table is a great tool to implement an overview of those into your Journal.

For the first Week of February here’s an example of my favourite weekly spreads on 2 Pages. For Events & Appointments The Box with the Weekdays gives the perfect overview. At the top of the first page I write my goals for the week and then just go on with my daily logs.

Watch me plan my month of February:

That’s it! Hope this was helpful in any way I can’t wait to share more of my BUJO with you guys in the future! xo Jusuf









Comments 9

  1. Hi Jusuf! I absolutely love this blog – i am trying to become a minimalist and you are my go-to person for tips! Your bullet journal videos are amazing and I absolutely love them! Thank you for inspiring me so much. I was wondering if you could maybe do a video about your minimalist bedroom because I am currently trying to get rid of stuff I don’t need but its quite hard! Thank you!

  2. Sophia 04/02/2017

    Thankyou really much! I needed this blogpost for getting new motivation to do my monthly log. Your tips are so inspiering! I love your youtube videos they showed me a whole new lifestyle and I think since I started watching your videos my attitude, my grades in school and my organizational skills have really grown. I am so thankful that you share something like that jusuf!
    Go on like this ??

  3. flavia 04/02/2017

    Thanks for this helpful blogpost! I really like your blog it’s so simple but so pretty✨

  4. You are so inspiring Jusuf! I have a bullet journal myself and I love it so much. As you are a bullet journalist you know it’s always amazing to find some new inspiration to change things up a bit so I really thank you, for your video and your post 🙂
    Keep going, kisses from Italy!

  5. Really inspirering, thanks for the tips
    Can’t wait fpr the next post ✨
    I love reading it

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